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Inter Miami vs Houston Dynamo

Seven Democratic presidential contenders took the debate stage Wednesday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California — formerly again without the presence of raw front- runner Donald Trump.

There’s no substantiation that Trump paid a political price for skipping the first Democratic debate, and it remains to be seen whether this time will be different. specially, his nearest- polling rival, FloridaGov. Ron DeSantis, took end at him for skipping the contest.

Since the first debate onAug. 23, Trump’s share of the GOP primary vote has grown from 52 to 54, according to the FiveThirtyEight polling normal. He has also extended his lead over DeSantis from 37 points to 40 points. While DeSantis remains stranded in the teens, nothing additional cracks double integers.

Then are six crucial takeaways from the debate in Simi Valley

DeSantis calls out Trump for skipping the debate and attacking Florida’s six- week revocation ban
DeSantis took a more aggressive tone Wednesday night, using his first answer to deliver a spate at Trump.

“ Donald Trump is missing in action. He should be on this stage, ” DeSantis said, adding that he should be present to explain why he added$ 7 trillion to the public debt when he was in office.

latterly, he tore into Trump’s reflections calling Florida’s six- week revocation ban” terrible.”

“ The former chairman, who’s missing in action tonight, he’s had a lot to say about that, ” he said. “ He should be then explaining his commentary to try to say thatpro-life protections are ever a ‘ terrible thing ’? I want him to look into the eyes and tell people who have been fighting this fight for a long time. ”

DeSantis has sought to walk the line between driving a discrepancy between himself and Trump without overpassing and alienating sympathizers of a former chairman who retains a pious following within the Republican Party.

Christie gets’ Donald Duck’ trending on social media
Former New JerseyGov. Chris Christie, Trump’s most open critic, took him to task again for failing to finish the border wall and for adding debt. latterly, he looked into the camera and spoke to Trump “ Donald, I know you ’re watching. You ca n’t help yourself.. You ’re not then tonight because you ’re hysterical to be on this stage and defending your record. You keep doing that, nothing up then’s gon na keep calling you Donald Trump; we ’re gon na call you Donald Duck. ”

His reflections drew hisses from the crowd. Soon,” Donald Duck” was trending on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Trump, meanwhile, was giving a speech Wednesday evening in Clinton Township, Michigan. Moments before the debate ended, Trump crusade elderly counsel Chris LaCivita issued a statement labeling it “ boring and inconsequential ” and calling on the Republican National Committee to “ incontinently put an end to any farther primary debates ” so Republicans can concentrate on President Joe Biden and “ quit wasting time and plutocrat. ”

campaigners redirect on striking union workers
As the United Auto Workers strike continues, the GOP campaigners sidestepped whether they side with the workers’ demands or the companies, rather rotating to Biden and friendlier issues like government spending and immigration.

“ Joe Biden shouldn’t be on the sentry line. He should be on the southern border, working to close our southern border, ” saidSen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, who did not disavow his earlier reflections that took a harsh line against the striking workers.

Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy said that he sympathizes with the workers but that their tactics were misdirected.

“ Go sentry in front of the White House in Washington,D.C., ” he said.

Former Vice President Pence said he’d fight for the right of workers to decide whether or not to join unions” Joe Biden does n’t belong on a sentry line. He belongs on the severance line.”

FormerU.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley said workers are striking only” because all of the spending” Biden has supported” that’s raised affectation.”

A GOP stuck in neutral on health care policy
The debate stressed the extent to which Republicans are stuck in neutral on health care policy, speaking in familiar abstractions.

DeSantis called for “ further power for people and the croaker – case relationship. ” North DakotaGov. Doug Burgum blamed Washington for “ picking winners and disasters.” Pence, addressing health care, said he wants to transfer power to the countries.

“ I suppose it’s one of the choices then. My former handling mate, Donald Trump, actually has a plan to consolidate further power in Washington,D.C., consolidate further power in the administrative branch,” he said.

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