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The multi-purpose loan calculator is a 4- in- 1 calculator that aims to answer your questions similarly as

  • How important is the yearly payment – aka EMI – for my loan?
  • How important plutocrat can I go to adopt?
  • How long will it take to repay my loan?
  • How important interest would I’ve to pay for an item( electronic widgets, cabinetwork, ménage appliances, etc.) that I bought under a “ low EMI ” scheme?

These four calculators aim to address all the below questions, and more, with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that provides immediate answers.

It’s also important to understand the Loan APR conception before using these calculators. Banks charge further than just the interest rate on loans. When carrying a loan, lenders charge colorful kinds of non-refundable freights including processing freights and attestation charges. The loan APR factors in these one-time costs associated with borrowing. Loan APR, which is expressed as a monthly chance rate, represents the true cost of your loan after taking into account the loan interest rate plus the freights & charges that you pay when getting a loan. Loan APR is a more complete measure that reflects the net effective cost of your loan on a monthly base. For the banks, it represents their internal rate of return( IRR) on the loan.

still, 000/- under a zero percent EMI scheme with a term of 6 months, your loan APR is 14, If you pay ₹ 1600/- as processing freights for a computer worth ₹40.15. i.e., you’re effectively paying 14.15 interest on the loan.

EMI Calculator

This calculator is available on the homepage of our website and is handed again then for your convenience. Enter the quantum you wish to adopt along with the interest rate and term to determine your EMI. You can also change the launch date for the EMI payment schedule. Interest rates offered by different banks may vary and you’ll be suitable to snappily determine your yearly payment under all scripts.

Loan Quantum Calculator/ Loan Affordability Calculator

still, you must be wondering how important plutocrat you can go to repay without overloading yourself If you’re planning to buy your dream home or auto. It depends on how important EMI( i.e., yearly payment) you can pay and for how long.However, also it’ll be easier for you to know how important you can go If you have an idea about how important EMI you can pay every month. Enter the quantum of EMI that you can pay every month, the interest rate charged by your bank, and the preferred term, the loan quantum calculator will tell you how important you can go to adopt. Read further about factors that impact the quantum you can adopt.

Loan term Calculator

still, you have the option to either reduce your EMI or loan term, If you’re planning to refinance your loan at a lower rate. In case you choose the ultimate option, you can snappily estimate how important time is needed to repay your refinanced loan.

still, you can determine the remaining term on the outstanding top quantum using this calculator, If you’re planning to make a partial payment on a loan.

Interest Rate Calculator

It has come common these days to buy high-end electronic widgets, cabinetwork, and ménage appliances( similar to fridges, television, washing machines, etc.) using investiture loans. Manufacturers and merchandisers bait buyers with low EMI payments and buyers fall into the trap without understanding the interest rate for similar loans. Given the loan quantum( i.e., item price), EMI, and term, this calculator helps you estimate the interest rate on similar loans.