"Oh wow!" said the submersible's navigators as the octopus appeared floating in the camera's bright lights.

The animal was spotted more than 5,500 feet underwater by a research expedition.

Rare footage shows an unusual octopus appearing in the deep sea, more than 5,500 feet underwater.

The ghostly octopus came into view of the cameras of the Hercules, a remotely operated deep-sea submersible run by Ocean Exploration Trust.

"Oh, the flappy ears," said one of the navigators, referring to the two ear-like fins on the octopus's mantle.

These kinds of octopuses have been named "Dumbo" in reference to the Disney elephant who uses his ears to fly.

"It's so graceful, like, the motion," says one of the submersible's operators in the video.

The discovery was made by scientists in France, who used modern imaging technique to analyse the previously discovered fossils.

Rare footage shows a "Dumbo" octopus swimming near a submersible in the deep ocean.