.On a night where the Bucs had a chance to hand the defending Super Bowl champs their first loss and prove that they are no fluke, they delivered a dud.

The defense notched two takeaways and made multiple red zone stops for the Bucs, but the offense couldn't hold up its end of the deal.

The Bengals offense looked shaky at the start of the game, but that was thanks in part to L.A.'s defense, and the big man in the middle

They just keep piecing the back end of that defense together, though. And the front just powers on.

"Everything starts with the big guys up front," said Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts. "Everybody is playing at a high level and dominating that box."

The illness was described as flu-like symptoms. It is unclear whether the players were tested for covid.

Hurts said he has played in prime time while feeling sick before and just needed to focus on execution.

The Eagles will have a short week to get ready to face the Commanders in Philadelphia on Sunday.