My biggest fear is not to have an impact in people’s lives. Anybody who enters my life, I would like them to leave inspired and transformed not by the way I look, but with what is inside my heart.

I want to be an example of grace, understanding and inspiration to the youth of Zimbabwe, to instill the spirit of ‘ubuntu’ and know that together we are strong and anything in life is possible.

I’m not supporting this at all and I’m not here to argue with [anybody]. Black people should learn to love and respect themselves stop sending a white girl to represent Zimbabwe

Some people found it strange that, as the only white woman out of the 25 contestants, Brooke Bruk-Jackson was named the winner.

The country is participating in the Miss Universe contest for the first time in 22 years.

“Zimbabwe is made up of millions and millions of people,” Ms Storer said.

“With people taking to social media, etc. to be like, ‘my ancestors are rolling in their grave’.”

Title 2“I have gained this crown for our beautiful country, to love and to serve our people, to represent Zimbabwe Internationally and to show the world the uniqueness of Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans.”